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Our Legal Services Offering: Tailored to Your Diverse Needs

Discover the breadth and depth of our legal services with Ana Moncada. From family matters and employment disputes to business and immigration issues, she offers you expert advice and effective representation in a variety of legal areas. Explore our practice areas to find the right legal solution for you.

Our mandates can be conducted in German, Italian and Spanish.

Civil Law

I provide advice on civil matters, such as contracts, property, inheritance and civil liability. My approach guarantees legal solutions tailored to your specific needs.


I facilitate the immigration process, providing comprehensive advice on visas, residency and citizenship. Experienced in Swiss immigration regulations.

Labor Law

I protect your employment rights, whether for employers or employees, I am here to address labor disputes, contracts and any other issues.

Criminal Law

I defend your rights with passion and determination in criminal cases. I am prepared to provide strong and strategic representation in criminal proceedings.

Incorporation of Companies

I simplify the process of establishing your business with legal advice on incorporation, corporate structure and regulatory compliance. My goal is to pave the way for your business to thrive safely and successfully.

Domestic Violence

I offer compassionate and strategic legal support in domestic violence cases. My client-centered approach seeks to protect clients' rights and ensure their safety in sensitive situations.

Other specialties

My firm specializes in a wide range of legal services to meet your needs with professionalism and commitment.

Divorce and Family Law

Advice and representation in divorce, custody, alimony and visitation cases.

Civil Litigation

Resolution of civil disputes, such as contractual disputes, damages, and property cases.

Consumer Law

Protection of consumer rights in disputes with suppliers or services.

Inheritance and Wills

Assistance in succession planning, drafting of wills and inheritance management.

Negotiation and Mediation

Facilitation of conflict resolution through negotiation and mediation.

Intellectual Property

Registration and protection of copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Competition Law

Advice on fair trade practices, unfair competition and antitrust regulations.

How We Work

Discover our simplified process in the office of Ana Moncada. From the first consultation to the resolution, we offer you personalized and effective legal advice.

Initial Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss your case directly with me, where we will evaluate your needs and establish clear goals.

Detailed Legal Analysis

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your situation, identifying legal strategies tailored to your specific circumstances.

Customized Legal Action

We will implement a legal action focused on you, providing solid representation and advice throughout every step of the process.