Rights and duties of the spouses

The spouse who takes care of the house, the care of the children or helps the other in his industry or business, has the right to have the other spouse regularly grant him a reasonable amount for his free disposal.

To determine the amount, the income of the spouse and responsible caregiver of the family, career or business is taken into account. (Article 164 of the Swiss Civil Code)

Each Spouse can demand from the other spouse information about his or her income, assets and debts (Article 170 of the Swiss Civil Code).

During the marriage you can demand a cash:

one. At the request of one of the spouses, the court will determine the amount for the maintenance of the family.

two. Similarly, it is at the request of either spouse the amount determined for the spouse who takes care of the house, taking care of children or helping the other in the industry or business.

3. The benefit may be required for the future and for the year prior to filing the application (Article 173 of the Swiss Civil Code).


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