Cohabitation (Asamblea Newspaper. Aargau, April 2014)


Maria Luisa asks if she is entitled to alimony (Unterhaltsbeiträge) from her ex-partner, since she has lived with him for 6 years and at that time she stopped working to take care of household chores and now her relationship as a couple in concubinage is over.

It does not have the right, since the same rules do not apply to the concubines as for the married couples, when the marriage bond is dissolved, the husband must for a certain time be obliged to pay food for the wife, on the other hand, for the concubines not there is this obligation to pay maintenance.

But there is a possibility to make sure and that through a Concubinage Contract “Konkubinatsvertrag” in said contract it can be agreed, that whoever is in charge of household chores, will receive financial compensation from the other for example.

It is also possible to introduce a clause where you agree to pay for a period of 6 months or more, financial support after the dissolution of the concubinage.

In the case of foreigners who live in concubinage with the Swiss, they will not have any advantage when applying for the residence permit (C), if they are married after 5 years if they can request it. To apply for Swiss Nationality they will not have any advantage either, for married people, having been married for 3 years and living in Switzerland for 5 years, they can already apply for it.

In the case of inheritance, the concubines do not have the right to receive it, except that the concubine leaves a Will and it must be taken into account that the parents and children of a previous marriage succeed first, if they exist.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ana Moncada, Lawyer. Asamblea Newspaper, Aargau, April 2014

INFORMATION As of January 1, 2014, it is mandatory in Switzerland to transit or drive with the car lights on, during the day and at night, for greater land traffic safety, whether in winter or summer.

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